The Advanced Beginner Challenge

A 30-day coding challenge that spans 6 programming languages, guaranteed to increase your confidence in applying to your first job.

We believe bootcamps are over priced. 💰

We believe you can learn Web Development FASTER and in a more INTERESTING and PROFITABLE way ON YOUR OWN.

We believe we can show you how. 👨‍🏫

We focus on providing everything you might need to enhance your career in this one course - audio podcast, videos, assignments, life advice, procrastination tips, tips to start and grow a business, accountability groups, etc.

The thesis of this course, is that for YOU to learn the FASTEST, you need to type the code yourself. We rely heavily on refined and curated tutorials to really drive this knowledge into your brain.

"The Advanced Beginner Challenge is like being blasted by a firehose of knowledge! Currently taking the challenge and loving it!"

- Dave Piland


Because we focuses on...

Job-specific course content. Every action you take puts you one step closer to landing your dream web dev job. Just ask all the students in my course who have succeeded in landing a dream job so far!

Daily emails to keep you moving, with unique and specific tactics that you won't find anywhere else. You also get NEW content every month you are a member, forever.

Course focus on learning how to learn. The language you learn is a side-effect.

Soft skills focus. After the programming language learning (day 1 - 90) we focus on soft skills, and then we mix back in programming content.

At the end of the course you'll have an awesome website and social media presence, along with cutting edge tactics to use in interviews.

And if you don't know what this whole "Advanced Beginner" thing is about, listen to this...


Immediate access to ALL the course contents!

1. JS / React+Vue.js (30 Days)

This JavaScript and Vue content is really fun, and fresh. It's an up and coming framework, and is really great to learn. We also cover React, because it's the future of front-end view rendering.

2. C# / .NET Course Content (30 Days)

By popular demand (yes, Rubyists it's true) we brought in the C# course. People are loving it, and it has a few projects that really help you understand MVC and how the C# world works.

3. Ruby / Rails Course Content (30 Days)

The Ruby on Rails course is one of our quintessential courses. In this course we have, quite literally, the best tutorials in the entire community curated for you to do. This took quite an effort, the Ruby community is quite large!

4. PHP / Laravel Course Content (30 Days)

By popular demand as well, we are bringing you the PHP / Laravel course. Laravel is extremely hott right now, and it is being used in all types of companies from Startups to established Corporations, and everyone in between.

5. Elixir / Phoenix Course Content (30 Days)

The Elixir and Phoenix track is a very interesting track, given how fun and unique the language Elixir is. I personally find it fun to write, and this track is a great way to get introduced to the language and get mastery over it.

6. Python / Django Course Content (30 Days)

One of our most popular course tracks, for everyone from future Data Scientists to future Web Developers. This track covers it all. We even touch on Flask and other Python world alternatives. Machine learning, neural nets, it's all here.

That's great, but do I get anything else?

Yep! You also get...

Coaching with Dain via the comments on Teachable. One reason I chose Teachable, is so you and I can communicate in a STRUCTURED way.

Immediate access to DAILY accountability and motivational emails that will also offer you a "track" to follow, to learn all of the material available in the course.

What Does The Course Content Look Like?

Our course content has video, audio, text, action, and accountability comments sections.

Here are a few snaps of the content!

... and this goes on for 30 days for 6 languages ...

...BUT over the next few weeks we are rolling out 90 days to all languages!!

As we finish each day in each language beyond 30, you will see it magically pop up on your course page when you login.

And because I know you're curious: yes, the system keeps track of what you've completed! The circle on left (see yellow circle above) fills up and becomes grey when you're done with the lesson!

Here's a sneak peak inside a lesson:

Did we mention that Teachable doesn't even give us your money until 30 days pass (risk free refund period - they charge you and hold onto it until they know you're satisfied), so it's COMPLETELY RISK FREE for first 30 days!

Your Instructor

Dain Miller
Dain Miller

I'm a Department of State, Knowledge Leadership Division, Digital Innovation Consultant, and a Presidential Innovation Fellow at The White House.

I was also the youngest innovation specialist ever employed at the White House at the age of 23!

I've been in senior engineering roles for a decade, and in engineering leadership roles for almost half a decade beyond that.

I've built digital agencies that have done over $100k in their first 4-5 months from scratch, while working with brands like the World Bank and various ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

I've worked, for almost 10 years, in a consulting capacity for companies like PayPal, Ebay, Udemy, Palantir, and many more!

Now I want to teach you all to do what I've done: start from nothing (literally in my case - homeless), and grow your career to the top of the industry!


1. A Private Podcast

Members only podcast on how to advance through life and your career! These audios are focused on things you WON'T hear me talk about anywhere else: the counter-intuitive RULES of business and life success my mentors taught me.

2. A Free Book

Access to Dain's Reading Habit and Web Dev Career ebook for FREE! $30 value! This book has revolutionized how a number of people view reading and how they read - according to my email inbox ;)

3. Monthly Live Q&A's

Very often, we will create small groups and do live calls. This allows a small group to ask me questions and to therefore get more "bang for your buck" during a Q&A call.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this course actually increase my confidence and make me feel ready to get a job?
Hell yes it can, and it has done so for many many students who took the version 1. Many of my students now have jobs. It could be you if you work hard, and smart.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Teachable puts your money into escrow until 30 days pass, so it's COMPLETELY RISK FREE for first 30 days!
If I already purchased v1 of this course, can I get FREE access to v2?
Unfortunately, Teachable does not provide an easy path for us to invite students that don't purchase through Teachable (frustratingly we can neither one-on-one nor mass invite students). My recommendation: if you already bought version 1 of this course, you most likely don't need to repurchase. It is basically the same content - just much more pleasantly organized and formatted on the web for new users! But, if you do feel the want to support me and my dream to teach you all full-time one day, then please go ahead and repurchase! We have kept it at the low price of $29 for all students, and decided not to raise the price in case anyone from v1 needs to buy it again on the web. Also, if you HAVE ANY ISSUE with the emails you purchased for v1 (aka email course) please email customer support at advancedbeginnerchallenge@gmail.com and they will fix you up!

This is the last course you will ever need to gain the confidence you need to apply for your first job.